Tourist places under Khatra Block


Mukutmanipur, an integral part of Khatra Development Block literally is a pearl in the crown of the entire Bankura District, especially south Bankura. This very place has rose to prominence due to its serene beauty. One of the biggest earthen dams in Asia, it stretches approximately up to 11 km. The water-body here has got accumulated due to the union of Kangsabati and Kumari rivers. The hillocks surrounding the entire dam act as feather to the cap of Mukutmanipur in the ambit of tourist attraction. A couple of spots as Musafirana, Pareshnath hillock are worth mentioning. The newly developed Musafirana is a fantastic viewpoint of the entire dam. Pareshnath hillock houses a famous age old statute of Lord Shiva. Khatra and its adjoining areas get irrigation and drinking water supply from Mukutmanipur itself. During winter a host of migratory birds from distant locales come to Mukutmanipur. Boat ride is often enjoyed by tourists who visit here. Besides local fishery is also very much dependent on Mukutmanipur.

Local forestry comprises of Shimul, Palas, Saal, Shegun et al which add to the enhancement of the picturesque beauty of the place. It will not be unfair to say that Bankura district is known to the entire country predominantly because of Mukutmanipur. The lion’s share of the influx of tourists in Bankura is due to Mukutmanipur. The State Government is leaving no stones unturned to promote and facilitate tourism in an enhanced vigour in Mukutmanipur. Lot of hotels, resorts and other tourist habitats are being built which will go a long way in housing the ever increasing load of tourists.

The approach road from Mukutmanpur to Khatra is flanked by varieties of plantations which act as a dream come true for the tourists at their sojourn. The saffron colour of Shimul and Palas during the festival of holi ushers a new dawn of colourfulness which enhance the overall grandeur and pomp to the zenith. It can aptly said that a tourist who has visited this place can never wipe out the memory of Mukutmanipur to oblivion.

  • Distance : From Bankura 52 K.m.
  • How to Reach : By train the nearest railway station is Bankura. From Howrah (S.E. Division) it will take 4 hours to reach BankuraViaKharagapur, Medinipur and Chandrakona Town. Schedule Trains :
  • (13883/13884) Rupasi Bangla Superfast Express.
  • (12885/12886) Aranyak Express.
  • (12827/12828) Howrah Purulia Express.
  • (12152/12153) Samarsata Express.
  • (58013/58014) BokaroSteelcity Passenger.
  • (58011/58012) Howrah Chakradharpur Passenger.

Or one can reach Bankura by bus from Karunamayee, Salt Lake or Esplanade. Direct bus to Khatra and Mukutmanipur are also available from those places. From Bankura rented car or bus will take you to Khatra and Mukutmanipur.

  • Bus Services : From Bankura 52 K.m.
From Khatra to Kolkata From Kolkata to Khatra
Time 5.00 a.m. Time 3.25 p.m.
Time 8.30 p.m. Time 8.55 p.m.
Time 8.45 p.m. Time 9.50 p.m.
Time 9.10 p.m. Time 10.10 p.m.
Time 9.45 p.m. Time 10.45 p.m.
  • Best time to visit:
  • From November to February most tourists visit Mukutmanipur.

In the monsoon, from July to September, Mukutmanipur sports a different look altogether. When the reservoir is full and the Kangsabati spills its gorge the rythemic music of water will leave you spellbound. It is a different feel visiting Mukutmanipur at this time.

Masak Pahar

Absolute trekker’s destination beside the serene scenic beauty of Mukutmanipur, a 20 minute’s drive.

Samsankali Temple


In the midst of small hillocks and rough terrain of South-Bankura, the Smashankali Mandir is situated at the outskirt of Khatra town. Even without going by the age of this temple one can find the value it commands as per the tradition of this place. This temple has a very important role to play in the social culture of Khatra. Apart from the main deity “Kali” other deities i.e. “Graharaj”, “Bajrangbali”, and “Shiva” are also worshipped here. The two ponds on the both sides of the approaching road add more beauty towards it. Being one of the most popular temples of Bankura district, it has been developed over the last decade to gain more importance and popularity in turn.