Nearby Tourist Attractions

  • Musafirana View Point :

    Vast stretch of water at one side, lush green valley on the other and the blue sky overhead – that is Musafirana view-point all about. From here you will get the best view of Mukutmanipur. The evening breeze and duck will complete the mystic interaction of colors of nature.

  • Pareshnath Hills :

    A hillock near Musafirana view point this is the adobe of the Shiva deity named Pareshnath. It is of a very ancient origin. Every year in the mouth of January a mela is organized by the local folk which attracts pilgrims and tourist from nearby districts.


  • Devi Ambika’s Mandir :

MAA AMBIKA  is an incarnation of Goddess Durga. Goddess Durga is worshipped as Maa Ambika in Ambikanagar village (near about 3 km from Mukutbonipur) of Bankura district. It is known that Maa Ambika is being worshipped here for last 700 years. This village is situated at the mating place of Kanshai and Kumari Rivers. Ambika temple is located at the banks.

700 years ago, one Sri Khargeswar Singh selected this spot on his holy voyage from Rajasthan. He founded his dynasty here. Later he got the dream orders of Maa Ambika. Maa Ambika emerged from within the soil and is worshipped there. Later the temple is created by assembling stones. The temple later went through many renovations. Ambikanagar is the nomenclature coined to erstwhile “Biratnagar” following Maa Ambika’s temple.

Maa Ambika is now worshipped daily. Worship continuous from 9 am to 1pm and also from 7pm to 9 pm. Maa Ambika is considered to be a very much ‘alive’ goddess by local inhabitants. Many offer goat sacrifices as a mark of fulfillment of desire/promise. Earlier about 150 goats were sacrificed on Nabami of Durgapuja, now 50-60 goats are sacrificed. Besides deities are offered for purchase of vehicles and even marriage ceremonies are solemnized. A lot of pilgrims come here to offer their deities on Tuesday and Saturdays. Many tourists flock here to visualize Maa Ambika’s temple and also the king’s palace on their trip to Mukutmonipur Now, Anadi Chakraborty and Satyen Chakraborty of Chakraborty family act as bishops. ‘Kichudi’ is cooked on a day of first week during monsoons. Many pilgrims get chance to teste this ‘Khichudi bhog’.


  • Jhilimili forest & Sutan :

Jhilimili forest is a very famous destination for nature lovers. After crossing Khatra on the SH2 the green on the both side will increase. After entering the “Baro Mile-er Jungle” one will find 3 view points on the right side. From these view points the vast hilly terrain with its lush green forest will be visible. The jungle of Sal with its fresh breese will make you feel lost in it.
Near View Point turn left into the deep forest the reach Sutan. Enjoy the ride alongwith raw nature and silence of forest. It is a beautiful place for picnic also.

  • Talberia Dam :

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Talberia Dam may be visited as a sight seeing spot near Jhilimili. A small lake surrounded by deep forest. This will surely give you some peace with its serene location. Those who love trekking and exploring jungle may have some share of joy at this place for sure.

  • Shilabati Dam :

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Shilabati Dam is being developed for tourists by Government which might be visited on the way back. The calmness of the place and the flock of the migratory birds in the winter adds another dimension for the visitors. It is a spot which can be said an absolute delight for the photographers.

  • Deer Park :

Deer Park

Take a boat ride of 15 minutes to reach the other side of the Dam where at 10 minutes time you will reach the Deer Park. It is maintained by Forest Department. Around 40 deer are reared in this Park. It will be an amazing experience of encounter with nature.