Bankura district has been described as the “connecting link between the plains of Bengal on the east and Chota Nagpur plateauon the west.” The western portion including Khatra marks the gradual descent from the table land of Chota Nagpur to the delta of lower Bengal, consisting largely of spurs projecting from the western tableland and of low swelling ridges. However, there is no marked ridge of hills. This region is popularly known as Rarh.

It has poor, ferruginous soil and hard beds of laterite with scrub jungles and sal (Shorea robusta) woods. Long broken ridges with irregular patches of more recent alluvium have marks of seasonal cultivation. During the long dry season large extents of red soil with hardly any trees lend the country a scorched and dreary appearance.

Khatra is located at 22°59′N 86°51′E.

Khatra community development block has an area of 232.40  km2.