Mukutmanipur Mela-2
  • The biggest festival in Mukutmanipur is the “MukutmanipurMela” held in January every year. This is organized by Backward Classes Welfare Department, Govt. of West Bengal. Tourists through different parts of the state to be a part of this amazing event. Three days of ‘mela’ is quite eventful in show – calling the local heritage and culture as well as in entertainment value. Tribal folk song, folk dances, traditional tribal dance and Chhow dance are the most colourful events in it. Apart from that various renowned artists aso perform in this programs. Amidst the huge crowd the local people and tourist feel the same vibe of the joy and these three days run out just in a blink with a lot of shopping, food and enjoyment.
cock fight
cock fight2
  • Winter is always a festive season in this region when people engage in cock-fighting in a lazy afternoon or celebrate ‘Bandhua’ in their locality or may be just pampering the taste buds in ‘PaushParbon’, ‘Tusu’ is another occasion of celebration ground in this time. After the scorching heat in the summer and the scheduled harvesting works in the monsoon, winter is the season when people enjoy the love of nature.
  • People across all regions are part of this festive mood and rejoice in Mukutmanipur.