‘Khatra’, sensu stricto, not to go by the meaning in Devnagari script Is a picturesque locale flanked by Hirbandh and Inpur Blocks at north, Taldangra and Simplapal Block at east,Ranibandh at southeast.

Khatra Block shares a small stretch with Purulia in its west within the Mukutmanipur dam area. Mukutmanipur is the largest tourist attraction in Khatra. Khatra Block comprises of 07 Gram Panchayats and 01 Police Station. It has an area of 232.04 square kilometer.

Marked by lateritic soil and predominantly a rugged terrain, Khatra experiences extreme climatic conditions.

It is one of the three sub-divisions in Bankura district housing 8 blocks .The local agriculture is mainly confined to harvesting of paddy which is primarily rain-fed.

Among the visual ecstasies in this area, Mukutmanipur and Baraghatu located on a small hillock are worth mentioning. ‘Mukutmanipur’ is an extremely popular place of sojourn for tourists all over West Bengal. Many localities also prefer the serene beauty of this place for one day picnic. Mukutmanipur actually happens to be shared by two adjoining blocks.viz. Khatra and Ranibandh.

The communication from Bankura town is totally dependent on roadways, the nearest railway station at Bankura being 47 kms away. Endeavour is being taken by the State Government to transform Khatra town to a municipality from existing Panchayat domain. The entire area of Khatra is surrounded by small hillocks, patches of forests which add to the enhancement of overall scenic beauty of the area. Among the two Parliamentary constituencies in Bankura district, Khatra falls under the Bankura P.C. itself.

We expect that the launch of the website of Khatra Dev. Block will be highly instrumental in enhancing the overall popularity and fame of Khatra.